Now that the Conservatives have won the election I have attempted to show below their commitments in their manifesto around the area of employment. It is a lot less than if Labour had won but nevertheless you should be aware of what they have promised and be in a position to take steps to see how it will affect your business.


Employment rights in general
  • Create a single enforcement body to police abuses of employment laws.
  • Extend the entitlement to leave for unpaid carers to 1 week.
Employment status
  • Give workers the right to request a more predictable contract.
Independent contractors
  • Review how the self-employed can be better supported, for example by improving their access to finance and credit, making the tax system easier to navigate and improving broadband.
  • Review whether the reforms to the IR35 regime in the private sector are the right way forward.
Equality and diversity
  • Publish a National Strategy for Disabled People before the end of 2020 which will look at ways to improve job opportunities and access for disabled people.
  • Reduce the disability employment gap.
  • Action to protect people from assault or harassment on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability.
Working mothers
  • Reform redundancy law so that employers cannot discriminate against women when they return from maternity leave.
Working fathers
  • Promise to look at ways to made it easier for fathers to take paternity leave.
Other family-friendly
  • New right for parents to take extended leave for neo-natal care.
  • Promise to help create higher quality, affordable wrap around and school holiday childcare.
Flexible working
  • Encourage flexible working and consult on making it the default position unless the employer has a good reason.
  • Increase the National Living Wage to 2/3rds of average earnings and extend it to those aged 21 and over (current age limit is 25).
Working hours
  • No proposals.
Corporate governance
  • Improve incentives to tackle the problem of excessive executive pay and rewards for failure.