Here are the statutory changes that will occur from April 2018. All will appear on our relevant website pages.

Tribunal Awards

Compensation limits and minimum awards will increase again with effect from 6 April 2018.

Things to note:

  • the cap on the compensatory award for unfair dismissal will rise from £80,541 to £83,682;
  • the cap on a week’s pay for the purposes of calculating statutory redundancy pay and basic awards for unfair dismissal claims, will increase from £489 to £508;
  • guarantee pay for layoffs will increase from £27 to £28 per day; and
  • the minimum basic award in unfair dismissal cases where dismissal is because of health and safety, employee representative, trade union, or occupational pension trustee reasons will increase from £5,970 to £6,203.


These new statutory changes take effect where the “appropriate date” for the relevant claim (e.g. the termination date in an unfair dismissal claim) falls on or after 6 April 2018.

Remember that if the appropriate date falls before 6 April, the old limits will still apply, irrespective of when compensation might be awarded.

Changes Minimum wage hourly rate

25 years or over                                                                                 £7.85

21-24                                                                                                    £7.38

18-20                                                                                                    £5.90

16-18                                                                                                     £4.20

Maternity Paternity Adoption and Shared Parental Leave

Statutory Maternity and Adoption Leave

1st 6 Weeks 90% of average wage next 33 weeks £145.18 per week unless weekly wage is lower

Statutory Paternity Pay

2 weeks at £145.18 per week unless weekly wage is lower

Shared Parental Leave

33 weeks £145.18 per week unless weekly wage is lower

Statutory Sick Pay

Up to 28 weeks at £92.05 per week provided the employee earns at least £116.00 per week.