Mental health is something that is incredibly vital for everyone, meaning that it is important to pay adequate notice to it among your employees. Mental health could impact your employees in different manners such as happiness, but also their levels of productivity. Mental health issues could therefore affect your business in many ways such as: poor employee performance, higher turnover rate, employee substance abuse and much more.

We, at Newman HR, can help you to have a mental health policy in place which will help support your employees, creating an efficient, happy, and healthy workplace. We value employee well-being and will help ensure that everyone in your workplace feels appreciated, happy and treated fairly.

Promoting, but also protecting the mental wellbeing of your employees can be achieved efficiently through use of the mental health policy we set up here at Newman HR, hand-tailored to your business. The policy specifically designed for you will cover many aspects of mental health in the workplace. Your policy will cover promotion of mental health, which includes providing information to your employees, as well as raising awareness about mental health, but also providing opportunities to your employees to look after their wellbeing. Other aspects covered within the mental health policy include employment support, which will help your staff to get comfortably back to the workplace after having been absence due to mental health issues by introducing specific recruitment practises, as well as making reasonable adjustments and much more.

All in all, it is crucial to have a mental health policy in place, designed for you by Newman HR, your HR consultancy experts based in South London. Help your employees be happy, healthy and comfortable at your workplace, making your business a fairer and happier place. 

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