Apologies for the 2nd bulletin this week and I realise the remaining games are either at the weekend or in the evening.

Nevertheless, employers should make staff aware in advance how Euro related unauthorised absence will be dealt with and consider measures to act as a deterrent. Examples could include greater scrutiny of absences during the remainder of the tournament, carrying out return to work interviews for all absences and taking disciplinary action for the worst offenders. Employers should also review contracts and handbooks to ascertain whether they have the ability to withhold pay for unauthorised absence. The remaining matches do occur in the evenings or at the weekend,  employers whose staff work during these periods may want to consider bringing in a tv to allow them to watch the game and staggering break times to allow at least part of the matches to be watched.

During the tournament, the consumption of alcohol is likely to be higher, which may result in more self-inflicted days off, lateness or reduced performance in the workplace on days following matches. Having an alcohol policy in place is essential as it allows employers to make it clear to employees what will and will not be tolerated in relation to being under the influence of alcohol in the workplace and other alcohol related issues.

Employers need to make it clear to their staff that requests for holidays or leaving early to watch matches will be dealt with in a first come first served basis irrespective of nationality.

Equally while it may be impossible stop humorous remarks associated with the match employers need to be mindful, they don’t spill over into bullying and discrimination situations.

Employees should be reminded that any social media posts made by them should not be on company sites and should make it clear that they are personal remarks and do not reflect on the company.