Introducing our 2023 HR Policy Library

Consisting of 26 HR policies that are:

Compact, Concise, Practical, Effective and Efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience.

We’ve designed them to be easy to read and understand by colleagues at every level of your business.

Covering the full range of ‘tricky employment’ issues that occur on a daily basis to make you 100% legally compliant as they include every relevant employment legislation change since 2020.

Developed by one of the UK’s leading employment law barristers and peer reviewed by some of the brightest legal minds in the profession.

Here’s what the policies cover:

01 Recruitment

02 Holiday

03 Flexible Working

04 Equal Opportunities

05 Drugs & Alcohol

06 Wellbeing

07 The Menopause

08 Maternity & Family Friendly

09 Homeworking

10 Social Media

11 Harassment & Bullying

12 Performance Improvement

13 Absence Management

14 Grievance

15 Whistleblowing

(Non-Regulated Sectors)

16 Bribery

17 Data Protection

18 Modern Slavery

19 Disciplinary

20 Redundancy

21 Right to work

22 Religious & National Holiday Celebration

23 Company Cars

24 Computers, Email & Internet

25 Appraisal

26 Training & Development

A completely flexible package to tailor the policies to your specific needs…

You have three purchase options:

  1. Purchase an individual policy for just £50.
  2. Purchase any 5 policies of your choice for £200.
  3. Purchase the full suite for £700.

Call me on 07899 697 172 for any other quantity.

Please place your order by emailing me on

Why invest in these policies?

Well, they are definitely right for you if:

🔹 You want to make sure your HR policies don’t come back and bite you at some point in the future.

🔹 You know that having a set of HR policies that are concise, easy for employees to follow and legally compliant will help you sleep easier at night.

🔹 You want to save tens if not hundreds of hours by not having to put together these policies yourself.

🔹 It’s been a while since you updated your current policy suite and you appreciate that these policies have been created by the UK’s leading employment barrister, whose job it is to keep on top of ‘all’ current legislation.


Right now, you’re at a potential crossroads…

Option 1: Stick with your current HR policies and trust that if anything happens, you’ll be covered. I mean, everything’s been ok so far, hasn’t it? What could possibly go wrong?

Option 2: Do something about it and hire someone to audit your current policies, research current employment legislation and bring them up to date.

Option 3: Invest in one or more of these legally compliant, up-to-date and integrated HR policies.

Choosing option 3 will save you an incredible amount of time, effort, and cost, and provide you with workable HR policies you can have in place faster than on your own and is one of those no-brainer decisions you’ll look back on and congratulate yourself for making in the future because it will pay you back many times the investment

It order these policies simply email me at