HR Consultant East London

Why do you need HR consultancy by Newman HR?

Especially in small and medium sized enterprises, there often isn’t an internal HR department or expertise to handle many important projects within the business such as writing up employment contracts, employee handbooks and much more. With all the laws that England has in place, without the right expertise you could very easily be in breach with laws without even being aware of it! Even more so now as people are becoming more and more aware of employment laws, it puts business more at risk. Instead of having to do your own research and potentially get lost in all the details of complicated employment laws, Newman HR can take care of this for you and make sure you are compliant with employment laws at all time!

In short, as a HR consultant, not only do we at Newman HR help you to stay compliant with employment laws, we can also help to ensure that your organisation is correctly advised in many other HR practises. At Newman HR, we have over 15 years of professional experience, having worked with organisations all over England, meaning we know all the ins and outs of Human Resources. It is safe to say we are one of the best HR consultants in East London!

Not only that, we can review your current HR practises and help to restructure your business accordingly to help ensure your business is running as effectively as possible, which could help your business become even more successful.

Our services include the full range of human resources:

Business re-structuring including changes to employee employment terms

Controlled redundancy programmes when absolutely necessary

Preparation of employment contracts 

Preparation of settlement agreements

The development of employee handbooks including social media policies

Management of disciplinary, absence, capability, discrimination and conduct issues, and the application of the Equality act

Transfer of employee contracts, TUPE

Covid related issues including furlough.