Due to COVID-19, working from home has become a norm and is becoming more and more common even as lockdown measures are easing. In order to support your employees as best as possible, as well as ensuring your business can run efficiently with homeworkers, having a Homeworking policy designed for you by Newman HR is absolutely essential.

Homeworking doesn’t only apply now during COVID-19, it can also apply to employees who have a child or other dependant become unwell, meaning they need to work from home, or if travelling to work has become difficult for employees due to an injury, if public transport has been disrupted and it is not possible for an employee to come to work, or even if a quiet home environment would benefit an employee to reach a deadline. In all these scenarios it would be important for your business to be prepared for these homeworking scenarios, which can be achieved by having us at Newman HR design a Homeworking policy for you.

Our Homeworking policy will cover all areas of homeworking which apply to your business. The Homeworking policy will ensure that appropriate training and support is provided to managers, but also consider Health and Safety for homeworkers. Even whilst working from home, homeworkers are required to comply with health and safety considerations, which our homeworking policy will support them with, which also includes undertaking a risk assessment for homeworkers. The Homeworking Policy will also provide support and guidance in case of employee misconduct at home, which could impact conduct or performance. Another important thing that our policy considers is system and data security for home workers, which will help ensure that all data is protected and stays confidential.

As mentioned above, homeworking policies have become more important now then ever. Make sure to contact us at Newman HR, your expert HR consultancy in South London, for your specially designed homeworking policy for your business.

Working From Home