Not only did George Osborne make it easier for small employers to take on people following yesterday’s budget by introducing a £2000 allowance towards the National Insurance Contribution in addition an announcement from Vince Cable’s department also outlined the changes to try to help the tribunal system and to lessen the trauma for employers who find themselves at one.

The proposals include:

  • new strike out powers to ensure that weak cases that should not proceed to full hearing are halted at the earliest possible opportunity;
  • guidance from the Employment Tribunal Presidents to help ensure that judges deal with hearings in a consistent manner which ensures parties know what to expect;
  • making it easier to withdraw and dismiss claims by cutting the amount of paper work required; and
  • a new procedure for preliminary hearings that combines separate pre-hearing reviews and case management discussions. This will reduce the overall number of hearings and lead to a quicker disposal of cases saving time and costs for all parties.

These changes will come into place from the summer a not yet defined date and inevitably will not be as user friendly as it appears at first sight.
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