While the 2011-12 tribunal statistics might be dull they contain good news for employers the headlines are

Number of claims 186300 down from 218100 last year.

The main area of claims were unfair dismissal, unauthorised deductions issues associated with the working time directive and equal pay given that there is now a 2 year qualifying period before unfair dismissal claims can be brought I would expect a further reduction this year. Of the 230000 cases considered in 2011-12 (some carried over from previous years) only 12% were successful at hearings 60% were withdrawn or resolved through ACAS which probably meant the employer paid something to stop the case going forward.

I have shown below the median awards as this is a more realistic figure than the average which are often skewed by large awards in the City or the NHS.[raw][clear]

[one_fifth last]Median £[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Unfair Dismissal[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]4560[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Race Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]5256[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Sex Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]6746[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Disability Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]8928[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Religious Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]4267[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Sexual Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]13505[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth]Age Discrimination[/four_fifth]
[one_fifth last]6065[/one_fifth]



I expect the number of claims to reduce in 2012-13 as the government plans for deposit orders coupled with the change in unfair discrimination waiting time take effect

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Michael Newman