Changes to Statutory rates
The government has announced the following new rates effective April 2023

Statutory Sick Pay
£99.35 per week payable for up to 28 weeks

Statutory maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Shared Parental leave and premature baby death leave
£156.66 per week
To receive maternity pay provided you have 6 months service the 1st 6 weeks are at 90% of salary and for the next 33 weeks £156.66 with the remaing leave unpaid provided you have worked for your employer for 6 months or more. Remember staff on maternity leave continue to accrue holiday.

Redundancy Cap
£571.00 per week for regulations concerning redundancy payments go to

Maximum tribunal award for unfair dismissal £93878 – or 1-years salary whichever is the lower

Minimum wage rates all are expressed per hour
Under 18 £4.81
18-20 £6.83
21-22 £9.18
22+ £9.50
There are other rates such as the national living wage and rates applicable in the London area.