Every April the government adjusts various employee related allowances

the most significant are set out below

  • The National Minimum Wage for 21 and over – up to £11.44 per hour
  • For 18 to 20-year-olds – up to £8.60 per hour
  • For under-18s – up to £6.40 per hour
  • For apprentices – up to £6.40 per hour

There are other rates out there such as the London Living Wage but those shown above are the legal minimums.

Employment Tribunal Compensation

Compensation limits are increased annually, and usually in line with the retail price index. From
2024 to 2025, the following compensation caps will increase:

  • The cap on unfair dismissal compensation will increase to £115,115
  • The maximum statutory redundancy payment will increase to £21,000
  • Statutory redundancy cap increases to  £700/week

Family related payments all increase from April as shown below
SSP,SPP,SAP shared parental and bereavement leave all increase to £184.03/week
Statutory Sick pay increases to £116.75/week