Happy New Year

Hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday season

This update summarises the key developments to look out for in 2019.

Increase in National Minimum Wage rates

Both the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates will increase on 1 April 2019, when the following new hourly rates will apply:

  • Workers aged 25 and over: £8.21
  • Workers aged 21-24: £7.70
  • Workers aged 18-20: £6.15
  • Workers aged 16-17: £4.35
  • Apprentices: £3.90

Auto-enrolment contributions

From April 2019, the minimum contributions for auto-enrolment pension schemes will increase for both employers and employees, when they will have to contribute a minimum of 3% and 5% (increased from 2% and 3%) respectively.


Changes to the way payslips are issued will apply from 6 April 2019. All workers will have the right to an itemised pay statement and to enforce that right in an employment tribunal. In addition, employees who work varied hours and whose pay changes accordingly must have itemised payslips, showing either:

  • the total number of hours worked, or
  • itemised figures for the different types of work done and/or the different rates of pay.

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