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Employment Contracts

We can prepare a series of well crafted contracts setting out the relationship between employer and employee. The contracts are compliant with the latest legal requirements.

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Our handbooks provide you with a suite of policies covering all aspects of the employer employee relationship. We include documentation to ensure you are compliant with GDPR.

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Disciplinary & Grievance

We help employers to handle all aspects of these processes conducting investigations, writing letters and if required chairing meetings and appeals.

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Family Friendly Issues

We help employers to deal sympathetically with employees in all matters relating to maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave and flexible working.

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Restructuring & Redundancy

This is a difficult time for both employers and their staff. We have the experience and skills to help companies navigate their way successfully through this minefield and achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned.

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We have frequently advised companies on the HR issues associated with taking over other companies and contracts. This a complex area getting it wrong is both time consuming and expensive. Our know how can minimise your risks.

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With the abolition of fees the numbers of tribunal claims have increased by more than 70%. We have the skill strategy and tactics to ease the stress and anxiety every employer faces when a claim arrives on their desk.

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Employment Status

The recent Pimlico plumbers case together with the continuing issues associated with ‘gig economy’ contracts expose employees to unforeseen risks. Our expertise will help you address this complex and potentially expensive area.

“Michael offers pragmatic and practical advice for complex situations. His business experience and knowledge gives confidence to clients for any employment law issues. Would highly recommend NewmanHR for commercially minded HR support.”

Carly Bowers

“Excellent service in response and advice, straight talking, straight to the point, i would thoughly recomend Michael Newman certainly before contacting any expensive solicitor, our company were extremely happy with the outcome without the need of a solicitor.”

Paul Kirk

“NewmanHR has been incredibly helpful in helping deal with a sensitive issue at work. He provided me with sound and practical advice which helped me make informed decisions. It was great to have his support during a somehwat stressful and confusing time. Very grateful for his guidance and would absolutely recommend.”

Tara Vernhes

“Thank you so much for all your support this year, appreciate all you do for us.”

Jennifer Esmas

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